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Mug Pin Cushion

Things to make and do - mug pin cushion

You will love this project; it is so easy and fast to make yet it's really eye-catching. So if you need a quick present for someone who enjoys sewing then the 'mug pin-cushion' is ideal. Just select a mug/cup that is suitable for whoever the pin-cushion is for and then choose a piece of fabric and some ribbon/embellishments to match and your half way there. The one I made is for someone who loves shoes and sewing. I've used hot-melt glue for speed (it dries super quick while gluing solidly in place) but you may find that other glues work just as well.

You will need:

Polystyrene ball (must fit comfortably in the top of the mug)
Ironed Fabric (large enough to wrap around the polystyrene ball)
Hot melt glue
Embellishments (feather trim, ribbon etc)

Things to make and do - mug easy pin cushion

What to do

1. Lay the piece of fabric with the right side face down on the table. Place the polystyrene ball in the centre of the fabric.

Things to make and do - mug pin cushion

2. Next you need to wrap the fabric evenly around the ball and glue to the underside. The easiest way to do this is to imagine the ball is in the centre of a clock face (fabric). Hold the ball in the centre and lift up the fabric at the 12 o'clock position and glue to the underside of the ball. Repeat on the opposite side (6 o'clock). Then glue the fabric at 3 o'clock, then 9 o'clock. One at a time lift the remaining fabric sections and wrap around the ball gluing in place.

Things to make and do - mug pin cushion

3. Turn the fabric covered ball right side up and place it in the mug to check position (which side of the fabric you want at the front). Glue around the inside of the mug and press the ball firmly into position.

Things to make and do - mug pin cushion

4. Glue on your chosen embellishments (ribbon, bows, beads etc)

Things to make and do - mug pin cushion

5. Stick in a few pins and your mug pin-cushion is ready.

Things to make and do - mug pin cushion

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