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Glass Painting - a Colour Key

Things to make and do - Glass Painting

Glass painting is very versatile and beautiful. It can be used for decoration (picture, wine glasses), for a gift (card) or to enhance a practical everyday item (storage jar). I recommend making a colour key of all the glass paints, that way when you are choosing which colours for your project, you pick the right ones.( For example, in the paints I have the grey coloured paint is more useful as black and the hiding black colour comes out grey). Below are instructions for making a colour key.

You will need:

White paper and pencil
Masking tape
Glass paints
Indelible Marker Pen (the ones used to write on CDs are ideal)

Things to make and do - Glass Painting

What to do

1. Draw some 1cm squares onto a sheet of white paper (1 for each of the different coloured paints you have), place the acetate on top (holding it in place with masking tape) and copy the squares using the outliner (always make sure all the lines meet, closing any gaps with the outliner or the paint will seep through the gaps), writing the name of a colour under each box as you go. Leave for 20 minutes to set.

Things to make and do - Glass Painting

2. Fill inside the boxes with the colour written underneath.

Things to make and do - Glass Painting

3. The key will take several days to dry and harden but you can use it as a colour reference straight away.

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